Pluma January poems


Consumed by GAP Gutierrez


The shackles disguised as happiness clamped bone-deep.

Like cheap emotions fed to us by commercials.

Fed to us

by the anorexic looking women and chiseled lean men that don’t look

like a normal person anymore.



that become the standard look of a human.

Who seem to look happy and apathetic at the same time

with their fancy foods, apparels and gadgets.

And any of those things that we should toil for.

We follow

the convenient moral-compass and confirmation bias.


We have simulacrums simulating human contact in a pretense society.

To belong.

In the world that does not really require petrol.


Fattening but pointless.


But they will not tell us that.

We don’t even admit it to ourselves. 


We took a bite

from the forbidden space fruit in the middle of modern day Eden with

rules all in reverse.

We cannot get enough

from the self-proclaimed lotusland surrounded by the devil’s water

connected to the information hydrant.

Cannot learn and unlearn from the blasts of unfiltered waters.


We did not even bother to dip our feet first.

Jumped right into it.

It does not matter if we don’t know how to swim or float.

Go with the flow.

Our head, hard as a boulder, drags us down

Down here where the light doesn’t permeate

in Shangri-La of cold contentment.

Too happy and FREE we don’t just look stupid.




Deluge by Mujel Hasan


Heartbreaking scenes

Breaking all dreams

Devastated people

Hearts are crippled

Roads are murky

Visions are blurry

The world cries

And aid arrives.


In this adversity

No one got mercy.


However difficult

Joined efforts catapult

Praying so hard

Our actions will guard

That the next deluge

The damage is not huge

And still pray harder

That any deluge

will not enter our border…



Pasasalamat ng batang musmos by Ellen “Lenz Kie” Tabaya


Namulat man ako na walang ina,

Lola agad ang nakita,

Isang musmos na bata na ulila,

Salamat at may lolang nag-aruga.


Mula pagkabata ako’y natuto na,

Sa hirap ng buhay namulat ang mata,

Sa musmos kong edad reyna ng bukirin na,

Kaya’t nabuhay akong mag-isa.


Nag-aral, nangarap, nagsikap pa,

Pero ‘di sinuwerte, hinahanap ang tadhana,

Datapwa’t ako’y nakaranas ng iba’t-ibang problema,

‘Di pa rin nawawalan ng pag-asa.


Sinubukan kong mangibang bansa,

Baka pangarap ko’y makamit ko pa,

Sa mura kong isipan, ako’y nakipagsapalaran,

Pero bigo ako sa aking nadatnan.


Umuwing sugatan at luhaan,

Puyat, pagod at pangungulila ang naranasan,

Kayod-kayod para mabuhay lang,

Halos dugo nalang ang ‘di aagos sa aking katawan.


Ngayon sa pangalawang eksena naman,

Kuwait ang pinakamaraming balitang patayan,

Pero lakas ng loob ang aking puhunan,

Salamat sa Diyos at naka-survive pa naman.


Salamat lola at tatay na lagi kayong nandiyan,

Sa mga kapatid kong laging nagmamahalan,

Pasalamat sa poong maykapal at tayo’y binigyan ng kapayapaan,

Mahal na mahal ko kayo magpakailanman.



Ya Sadik! by Armineonila M.


If it were only

by way of seeing

sheisha puffs and borders

rhyme, the world could

stand on two feet;

like a harmonious duet

of morning gawa

and guttural sermon;

we could make amends

with life that’s neither

black nor white

nor golden sand,

and stretch a rainbow —

it’s not much of a secret

to not be blown away

by tongued fists

and glare bullets;

when well you know,

Ya sadik, our trails

could intersect at

a fence-less diwaniya;

have you, in a desert

of ridged thoughts,

sought my tropical calm?

would you, by light

of gruntled empires,

ingest my distant grass?

we could, if you would

with volition, unbolt

our muffled kitab

and decolonise our words;

as we, like we have been,

ya sadik, once uprooted

sandcastles and treehouses,

may, once more,

island a handshake.





Pag-usapan Po Natin Magazine. Issue 61, Year 7 (1st Quarter). Kuwait: Kuwait Philippine Cultural Center. January 2014. pp. 4-5.




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