Pluma poems

Solitaire by Armineonila M.



By Rahani Mohan


Life becomes a mindless scream.

Nightmares are etched into the insides of your eyelids

And your tears suffocate your sleep.

Hope is only fool’s gold.


To be numb is the only way to escape the torment.

I wish I could take away your pain

And wipe away your scars.

Why was no one there to save you

When your innocence was shattered?


No revenge, no justice, no answers.


Only death.

Like a light it masquerades as a hope and dream.

Like a whispered promise of salvation.

But even death was stolen from you.

Remain in the world, forever fragmented and helpless.

I wallow in my self-pity wishing I could have saved you.


My tears stain you,

My smiles are hollow,

My kisses are ashes,

And my embrace a shroud.




Reason trickles through broken fingers.

Those who hold power over your body have no reason.

This world holds no answers to your cries. Only echoes.

Please God, let there be a purpose.


Show her a tangible truth.


There is too much pain.


And she is alone.






Don’t give up

by Mujel Hasan


You showed me

how to stand,

face obstacles

head held high;

I almost ceased to dream,

and head towards

so wrong a stream;

but look at me now,

successful since

I took the bow;

your words I kept

made me more adept–

I return the favor,

help you be braver,

please, do not give up;

more coffee in the cup

to share morning sessions,

and take you out

of lingering depression.


Now, show me that spirit–

it is not time yet

to quit…


Published:  The Filipino Magazine in Kuwait (TFM), Issue 116. Kuwait: August 2014, p. 20.






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