No Return Address (Excerpts)

Dear kafeel (sponsor),

Trust me, my honesty…confide in me, with empathy…

– Alliah “Lenzkie” Tabaya


Dear migrant parents,

Now we’re guests in a faraway land nearly 40 years on…

no trees, no cool breeze, no best friends…

– Nabeel Philip Mohan


Dear construction worker,

You burrow and dig…more than six feet deep…

– GAP Gutierrez


“No Return Address: A collection of poems” is a chapbook featuring epistolary poems in English written by Pluma Migrant Writers Guild.

The book pulls back the curtain on contemporary migration issues in the Gulf, particularly in Kuwait, digging into the hopes and dreams of migrants through traditional and modern correspondence. It features poems by budding writers namely Nabeel Philip Mohan, GAP Gutierrez, Wilfred Waters, Alliah “Lenzkie” Tabaya, Mujel Hasan, Tammy Sulit, and Armineonila M.

The collection contains letters addressed to the ambassador, the haris, the kafeel, a wasta, a stranger, and people who share a slice of the migrant’s life in Kuwait. Readers interested in cross-cultural themes and intercultural communication in the literary scene who have an appreciation for poetry will swoon over “No Return Address: A collection of poems”.

“No Return Address: A collection of poems” is published by
Pluma Migrant Writers Guild
ISBN: 9789996605956
Publication date: August 4, 2014

Available at the following bookstores:

Better Books and Café
Jarir Bookstore

Pluma (Migrant Writers Guild) is a group of literary writers whose works highlight migration narratives. The guild also holds cross-cultural discussions and presentations on various migration topics in the Gulf regions and across the globe.



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