**Please note that Pluma has a blind submissions policy. Editors won’t see authors’ identifying info (restricted to cover letters only) until an editorial decision has been made.**

We welcome submissions to Pluma publications year round. Before sending work, please read at least one issue of the magazines where Pluma authors have published works (see Press page) or one of Pluma‘s books, along with the following guidelines:

  • We are looking for well-crafted entries, of any literary form, highlighting migrants, immigrants, emigrants, exiled persons, asylum seekers, guest workers, etc. Any other writings that are deemed to depict migration themes are also welcome.
  • Please submit only entries (maximum of three per submission) that have never been published online or in print. You must own the copyright to the submitted works.
  • We do not consider simultaneous submissions.
  • Please wait to hear back about each of your submissions before sending another (maximum of 12 weeks review period).
  • For now, we are accepting entries with shorter length – no novels.
  • Please submit up to three entries, all in one electronic file (for text only entries), with a page break after each one–but don’t put your name in the title of your submission or in the file containing your works. Instead, please share identifying info in your cover letter only (cover letter as file attachment only). The cover letter should include your name, your e-mail address, phone number, the titles of your submitted entries, and a third-person short bio (maximum of 100 words).
  • For intermedia (visual literature) works, please send two copies of the entry (one without author’s name and one as the final entry). Please indicate in the file name if the entry has an author or without an author. Example: no_author.jpeg / with_author.jpeg. We only accept entries with no less than 300 dpi resolution and at least A5 paper size.
  • Please send individual entry in any of the following formats:

Word document (.doc) files
Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
Image (.jpeg or .jpg) files

  • We accept multilingual entries, but please provide a glossary of terms or a translation/transliteration of each non-English entry. Glossaries and translations/transliterations should be included after each entry. We may consider publishing translations in English, although we will give priority to the original text.
  • We will try to respond to submissions within 3 months, though it may sometimes take longer. Please let us respond to your submission before you send additional entries.

Accepted entries

Pluma Migrant Writers Guild is a cause-oriented writers collective, hence, we are a nonpaying market—at least for now. We seek non-exclusive rights to your work (see below).

Although accepted entries will usually be published within six to 18 months, there may be a backlog of other accepted works that delays publication. Multiple acceptances may be published in more than one project. It’s our understanding, in accepting your work, that:

  • It’s original work, by you, and you hold the copyright. Once the work is accepted by Pluma‘s editors, you agree not to publish it elsewhere before it appears in one of Pluma‘s projects.
  • After it appears in Pluma‘s publications, you won’t publish it elsewhere online or in print for at least six months.
  • While you retain all rights to your work/s, we will post everything we publish in our online archives, and so require non-exclusive electronic permissions.
  • We have your permission to include your published work/s in a printed anthology. If possible, you will receive compensation for such an inclusion, either gift items or copies.

To submit entries or if you have questions not answered here, feel free to contact Pluma by filling out this Contact Form.

Thank you for your interest in Pluma‘s initiative. Happy writing!


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